EDS Hits 10,000 Installs

Here at EDS the end of 2016 not only means the holidays ahead, but the ever exciting 10,000 monitor installed by our, needless to say, experienced field crews. We thank our team at EDS who have not only hit the 5 figures but also completed this with ZERO injury or incident (other then a few bruised egos). This shows the dedication and professionalism not only from the field crews but the office team that ensure correct procedures and policies are in place. Without this combination EDS would not be the growing strength it is today.

Thanks you and well done everyone. 

Sebastian Harper

Field Siren Software Update

Blue Siren have just realsed a update to their Field Siren software suite. This is update number 8000.0020. 

What is NEW:

  • Single sofwtare package runs both Intrinsically Safe logger and standard loggers. Previously there were 2 serpeate software packages to use depentent on level certifcation of meter. 
  • Improved stability and UI perfromance. 
  • Security and stroage imrpovements. 
  • Minor bugs removed and fixed. 

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