Blue-Siren Inc specialises in the design and manufacture of high quality instrumentation, monitors and sensors for the Water Waste Water Industry and the most demanding requirements.

Since the early 90’s, Blue Siren engineers have been focused on developing low powered technology for the most demanding applications.

From success Blue Siren has developed an accurate, versatile, low power monitoring platform that will directly compete with leading manufacturers at a fraction of the price, without compromising quality and accuracy. 



Blue Siren Data Loggers

Blue Siren loggers offer the latest plug and play sensor technology to allow for a multitude of sensor and logger configurations to meet the most demanding and stringent applications. 


Blue Siren Sensors

Blue Siren manufactures, tests and integrates all kinds of sensors into their data loggers, monitors and gateways.

Depending on the application sensors output data in a serial, digital, analog or pulse data stream. Sensors are designed to be as low power as possible, and to outlast the harsh environmental conditions they are subjected to under normal use. 


Popular blue siren Packages

The advanced  plug and play sensors technology allows for an almost infinite monitor configuration to meet any monitoring requirement. 




Blue Siren Cloud Platform has & Software