Ziscape Big Data Solutions

Unlike conventional data analysis and delivery platforms, the innovative Ziscape platform is designed to store massive volumes of both structured and unstructured data. The Ziscape platform is designed by Blue Siren for use with the extensive Blue Siren range. 

The ZiScape Big Data Architecture can handle information so large that it is difficult to process using traditional database and software techniques such as MySQL. 

Ziscape deals with the ability to process data that is too big and moves too fast for conventional software systems. 


Powerful Templates & Analytics Tools

Starter templates are available or start customising right away.

Analytical Tools are embedded into templates and used to create even more user rich content

ZiSCape give you direct access to both template and tools source code allowing you full control over your analytical engine. Create Virtual Equations for almost any scenario using data feeds from single or multiple sources.

Tools, Templates and Elements Consist of: 

  • Customized Data Feeds

  • Hardware and Site Level Alarming

  • Equation Developer Kit

  • Graph Engine

  • Data Table with CSV, PDF Support

  • Multimedia Integration Modules

  • Graphics Layering

  • GIS Plug-In

High Performance

In-order to achieve the most responsive experience with smoothest data transitions possible a lot of emphasis is placed on performance. 

ZiScape™ Big Data API has a custom high-performance data rendering engine based around an open hardware platform. This provides an optimised data-pipeline to and from the User Interface. 

Designed with Engineers, Scientists and Software Developers in mind we have created a complete analytical engine that allows 100% control over data output. Our innovate Virtual Equation technology automatically converts RAW Data to FINAL Report Data asynchronously, using any mathematical formula imaginable. 

Apache web server running on a Linux cloud platform allows for easy upgrading when memory or disk storage runs low, easily log in and add even more power to feed your data frenzy. 

Open Source Tools and Development environment allow you to easily share code and ideas with other ZiScape™ developers to build "even more" user rich content.