ATEX IECEX 3G Flow Siren


The Ex-FlowSIREN is an ATEX approved ultrasonic area velocity open channel flow meter suitable for use in sewers and open channels. The system uses a combination of ultrasonic velocity measurement and water depth measurement to accurately calculate volumetric flow of waste water in circular and semi circular pipes.

In addition to the flow and depth sensor each system can be equiped with with float sensors for high/low level measurement and a video camera to record images. All logged data is sent via the cellular network to a secure server of your own control.

Units are battery powered and completely stand alone. Typical battery replacement intervals are 6 months with data being sent every 30 minutes to the web interface.

Product Applications:

  • Open Channel Flow
  • Sewer Flow
  • Combined Sewer Alarming
  • Overflow Monitoring
  • Inflow Infiltration
  • Pump Stations


  • Certification:  ATEX CE IECEx Ex II 1 G ia IIB T4 Ga
  • Wireless:  3G (HSDPA) or 4G 
  • Power:  Long Life Rechargeable or Alkaline
  • Construction:  IP68 Submersible Moulded Impact Proof Plastic
  • RTU:  Ultra-Low Power MSP
  • Flow Sensors:  Dual Area Velocity
  • Alarm Sensors:  Dual CSO Floats
  • Flow Velocity:  Dual WAVE Ultrasonic Doppler
  • Flow Depth:  30ft - 10m 15PSI Pressure Depth
  • Connectors:  IP68 Threaded Marine or 1/4 Turn Bayonet
  • Color:  Standard Blue