Inflow & infiltration

Sewer Inflow & Infiltration, I&I, simply put is, when stormwater or ground water flow directly into sanitary sewer system.  High I&I flows occur during and immediately following significant rain events, this will cause the sewer system to become overwhelmed.   



How can EDS help?

When the sewer system becomes inundated there is an increased potential for sewer backups and an increased potential that the capacity at the Wastewater Treatment Plan will be exceeded which can lead to disastrous overflows. 

Because I&I has increased in more recent years,  EDS has worked closely with Australia's leading water authorities to identify areas where I&I is occurring so the problems can be identified, prioritised and repaired. 

Typical inflow infiltration sources.

Typical inflow infiltration sources.

To help address our clients I&I issue, EDS work closely to devise and implement tailored and thorough services such as:

  • Flow metering, monitoring and analysis

  • Manhole inspections

  • Smoke testing

  • Building inspections

  • Dyed water testing

  • Sewer line televising.

  • Rainfall simulations. These simulations involve plugging individual sections of storm sewer and temporarily filling them with water. A camera is then placed inside the nearby sanitary sewer to look for locations where water from the storm sewer is entering the sanitary sewer.