About EDS

Environmental Data Services is an Australian owned and operated company providing market leading equipment, and services to the Water, and Waste Water Industry since 1991.

EDS deliver equipment and specialised services to the water and waste water industry, and also the mining, manufacturing, power, and processing industries.

EDS staff include scientists, engineers and technicians skilled in all aspects of environmental monitoring and project delivery.

You can be assured EDS offer the highest level of service and equipment with a emphasis on quality. Following this ethos, EDS continue to lead the water, and waste water markets.

Our purpose is simple: It’s giving you the freedom to take charge of your assets and projects. 

We are relentless in our pursuit of discovery and innovation, creating technologies and providing services. Opening the door to a world of possibility.

Throughout our history of providing quality service and equipment, our clients have always been our highest priority.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to achieving successful project outcomes, and this has led us to continually achieve significant organic growth within the company over recent years.


EDS Origins

Graham Harper

Graham Harper

EDS was founded by Graham and Cynthia Harper in 1991 in Queensland. Graham and Cynthia started EDS following Graham's success as CEO of Elpro Electronics in which he started in the early 80's. Elpro is now one of the worlds largest SCADA supplier. The establishment of EDS was carried out in conjunction with the release of EDS flagship product Pump Station Manager (PSM). 

1991, the beginning of Environmental Data Services.  Graham Harper enjoyed the challenge of creating a business, from Elite Electronics in the early 70's to Elpro Technology all leading to Environmental Data Services.

Environmental Data Services beginnings fed the need to expand and push the boundaries of technology, for Graham.  From the designing and manufacturing of batching plants which gave both Graham and Cynthia an opportunity to travel.

Graham went on to develop EDS Data Logger for the Bureau of meteorology, which are still used today. Graham then continued into the flow side of the business, with the then Marsh McBirney, now known as HACH, product range. 

His determination drove Environmental Data Services to new boundaries including The Amberley Fire Training Facility which EDS, under the leadership of Graham built in 2001/2002.  

To this day Environmental Data Services continues to service and monitor the Australian Defence Facility under a contract which has been in place since 2003.

Graham sadly passed in 2005. Today with the support and hard work of the family, Environmental Data Services continues to thrive. Since 2005 EDS has grown to be Australia’s largest supplier of equipment for the water and waste water industry. This has seen continued success, being awarded of the largest sewer monitoring project in Australia in recent years. 

EDS continues to strive to deliver the level of service and professionalism that was part of Grahams founding ethos.




Our Mission

To deliver the highest level of equipment and services, with a core focus on successful client outcomes. 

EDS Achievements

  • 1st Quarter of 2018 see's EDS achieve record business growth.

  • 2018 EDS secure ORI distributorship in Australian market.

  • 2018 South East Water Sewer Flow Monitoring Project

  • 2018 EDS secure service contract with Spotless Australia

  • Awarded prestigious Melbourne Water billing audit 2017

  • Successful in being award largest sewer network monitoring project in Australia for 2017.

  • Secured sole Ori distributorship in Australia 2017

  • Largest sewer monitoring program in Australia for the 2015-16 period.

  • Awarded Defence Force Contract in 2004 to current day.

  • EDS awarded contract to supply Australian Bureau of Meteorology Data Loggers.

  • Awarded distributor of the year from Hach Flow in 2011.

  • EDS has completed large projects with every major water authority in Australia.

  • 26 years of ZERO Harm awarded to EDS for exceptional safety history.

  • Largest supply of remote monitoring equipment in Australia from 2008-2016.

  • Ongoing contract with the Australian Defence Force and Australian Bureau of Meteorology.

  • Over 100,000 successful equipment installations with Australia's largest water authorities.

EDS helped us design and implement a user friendly and rugged sewer monitoring program that was completely remote.
The level of service and professionalism received by EDS is always leading the industry.
— Tony Cockrel, DERM