About Hach

Hach Company - Flow Products and Services, including our legacy brands Sigma and Marsh-McBirney, has a proven track record of creating industry-leading innovations with unwavering product accuracy in the open-channel flow measurement world.

Empowering you with true and timely flow data for your analysis, we dramatically reduce your risk and enable you to make critical wastewater flow decisions with absolute confidence. And smart decisions mean you're proactively managing your flow, rather than reactively dealing with problems.

From state-of-the-art wireless flow loggers and industry-pioneering non-contact flow sensors, as well as our revolutionary Hach Data Delivery Services (DDS), Hach Flow is committed to providing flexible solutions for all of your flow monitoring challenges.



Hach Loggers

This is where it all starts. Hach meters are the brains of the whole operation. They are the link between collecting superior flow data and conveying it to you in a convenient, reliable, and highly-functional manner. With options for stationary, portable, permanent or temporary usage, you have a choice for every scenario.

And from extremely rugged portable loggers designed to handle all the abuse a manhole can dish out to highly connectable stationary controllers, the Hach/Sigma/Marsh-McBirney line of flow meters have been perfected through decades of constant in-field use and innovation. But we aren’t stopping there.

Hach continue to pioneer usage of new technologies, including wireless communications, to make field-worthy, state-of-the-art logging solutions for our industry.



Hach Sensors

Like superheroes, every one of our wastewater flow monitoring sensors has its own specialties and strengths.

From powerful non-contact sensors that stay above the flow to limit fouling to rugged submerged AV sensors that don’t mind getting a little dirty, within our portfolio you’re sure to find the perfect sensor to handle your particular flow monitoring villain.