EDS Busy Time

EDS has experienced a unprecedented level or work loading this first quarter. This has partly c caused by major weather events across Australia. Currently EDS has crews working from Townsville to Adelaide working closely with major water authorities to delivery critical data and information on network performances and conditions. 

Most EDS products and services involve online Big Data access. EDS provides 1,000's of rugged monitoring equipment working with council and government authorities to deliver real time data for critical and crucial assets. 

Above is a screenshot of a live data as the events unfolded. EDS is the only service and product supplier in Australia providing Hardware and Big Data solution (wireless server) all built and designed by a single manufacturer. 

Blue Siren are a American design company that build and test all equipment in house. This means there are no 3 party providers involved, that often proves to be the weakest link in the product. 

Not only do Blue Siren offer a complete beginning to end solution but offer the experience that no other proviuder can. 

Blue Siren Update Software Package

Blue Siren recently released software update for the Field Siren Software Suite. This update is a major update and now allows use for both Intrinsically Safe, and non Intrinsically safe equipment to be used in a central software location. 

On top of this there has been performance and usability upgrades. Please go to the software page and upgrade today if you haven't done so already. Or if you have any questions regarding this upgrade please contact one of our representative who are always happy to assist. 

EDS Lead the Way

EDS Lead The Way

EDS lead the way with remote monitoring by now supplying over 1,000 flow meters between 2014-16. This is more then any other supplier in the Australian market. EDS would like to thanks the continued support of our clients that have made this possible. From the entire team at EDS we are proud of this milestone and look forward to building on this number over the next 24 months. Let the games begin.