field siren software

Field Siren software is used to calibrate and program monitors in the field or lab. Field SIREN was developed to operate on Windows XP or later operating system.

Data can be downloaded directly from the monitor or uploaded using the automated upload feature. Automated uploading allows data analysts to automatically confirm data integrity and quality.

Advanced server analytics are also performed on the data to identify maintenance problems. Each sample is verified against the user developed SCADA alarm tables.


  • Wireless Data can be directly uploaded to a FTP location using the ASCII (TEXT) comma separated file format. This will allow you to directly access data using any system and view it using any analytical application. 
  • Wireless Data to be directly emailed, so that it can be parsed into any system that has access to email. This will help circumvent firewalls and get the data to you directly. 

  • Wireless Data be uploaded to DropBox or Google Drive locations and organized using ASCII format and comma separated file format. This way you will have data on your local machine but also backed up in the cloud. You will also be able to share all your data with other members of your team

  • Wireless Data be directly uploaded to your own server using a TCP/IP driver, allowing machines to directly communicate to your server and organize data using the ASCII standard.

Easy to use Windows based field programmable software makes it possible for everyone to use BlueSIREN monitors.

Click on the option you want and let the software do the rest. The programmable server setup screen lets you select a custom server without being locked into a specific vendor’s solution. Easily program wireless settings and change out SIM cards without being locked into a vendor’s wireless solutions provider.

Also Program sample rates, calibrate sensors, download data or manually upload data all at the click of a button.