The All new fl1500 Logger


The technology you trust, the sensor flexibility you need.

The Hach FL1500 is the flow monitoring solution for measuring and logging open channel flow. Compatible with all of Hach flow sensor technologies, it collects reliable flow data from even the most challenging of sites and hydraulic conditions.

Flow sensor technologies include:

  • Non-contact radar

  • Electromagnetic

  • Depth pressure

  • Doppler, ultrasonic

  • Bubble levelThe easy-to-use colour screen simplifies setup and reduces programming errors.

Use FSDATA Desktop Data Management Software to take control of your data, program the flow meter, upload and download data, and easily create reports. 

Features and Benefits:

  • Dashboard: Shows you everything you need to know to assess and improve the meter's programming. No need to dive any further.

  • Intuitive User Interface: Software mimics actual workflow, minimising steps and reducing the chance for programming errors.

  • Setup wizards: Take the guesswork out of instrument programming by guiding you step-by-step with clear instructions and illustrations.

  • Layered Error Reduction: FSDATA Desktop automatically checks for errors on individual programming stages as well as on the full-program, providing you with full confidence in your final set-up.