Blue Siren Colour (RGB) Sensors are designed for the most rugged and harsh environments possible.  The Blue Siren complete sensor range are fully encapsulated with high impact resign to eliminate any chance of the sensors being affected from extremely harsh conditions.

The level of accuracy obtained from this range of Blue Siren sensors is a direct result of the design and manufacturing process. Blue Siren sensor are tested and calibrated across multiple ranges for a minimum period of 48 hours. This delivers one of the most accurate and rugged sensors available for the water and waste water industries. 

This sensor provides a wide capability across multiple communication protocols. This means you can connect the sensor to one of the Blue Siren wireless loggers, or connect to existing SCADA and 3rd party data loggers. The continued philosophy of the Blue Siren range is to ensure a open communication with industry standard equipment equipment. 

It is truly a plug and play sensor for the most demanding applications.