pux cube pressure and flow logger

The Pressure PUX is a portable, hyper battery life, rugged, compact, wireless, pressure logger. The PUX is built and designed specifically for the harsh Australian environment. IT is designed to measure transient pressure of any liquid at a extremely high level of accuracy. This then sends ALL data to the cloud via the 4G network. Data is then viewed and utilised through the Ziscape Big Data Website. 

Hydrant Installation

Hydrant Installation

Our Default 20 Bar pressure sensor is great for monitoring water pressure or any fluid pressure. Higher or lower pressure gauges can be selected depending on your application. The optional rechargeable battery pack can be bolted to the back allowing for a fully portable, wireless, pressure logging solution. Great for potable and ground water monitoring. 


  • 3G (HSDPA) or 2G (GPRS)
  • Long Life Rechargeable, or AC Powered Wall Plugin.
  • PVC, Encapsulated Electronics
  • Ultra-Low Power MSP Microprocessor
  • 20 or 10 Bar 16 Bit Pressure Port
  • 2 x Pulse or Digital
  • 1 x Serial
  • 1 x 4-20 mA Input
  • Alarm configuration on all sensor parameters
  • Wireless TCP/IP Driver
  • Optional RS484 SCADA Protocol RS232, PC programming Interface
  • IP68 Threaded Marine
PUX Pressure Logger

PUX Pressure Logger