The PUX Field RTU opens up the world of high-tech communications and SCADA (supervisory and data acquisition) functionality at a very affordable price! 

The PUX Field Low Power RTU suits a wide range of remote monitoring applications that include environmental monitoring, gas metering, power metering and data logging. It's smart, easy to use, has ladder logic capability and has very flexible I/O and communication ports. 

Very low power consumption is achieved using three modes - communicating, scanning and sleeping. The PUX Field RTU is packaged in a rugged high impact IP68 enclosure that houses the electronics, communication interfaces and long life battery. 

PUX Field Low Power RTUs are compatible with the entire family of Blue Siren products and are configured using the same Field Siren software.

SCADA Communication Diagram

Why Choose Blue Siren Solution?

The benefit of the Blue Siren PUX SCADA is that it is the only telemetry unit designed specifically to communicate across the full communication protocol suite.  

Above is a sample section of manufactures Blue Siren is designed to operate with. 

Above is a sample section of manufactures Blue Siren is designed to operate with. 

The Blue Siren SCADA RTU is a small rugged logger used send field deployed instruments into SCADA platforms. Data is collected from Blue Siren instruments and then supplies to server/slave control systems supporting OPC, IEC, DNP3 and MODBUS protocols. The Blue Siren controller also has the option for RS485 output to connect to an existing field RTU. 

Designed using an open software architecture, the system can be remotely updated to support new protocols if required.