Ultrasonic Level Sensor

The Blue Siren ultrasonic depth sensor is revolutionising the world of depth monitoring. The extremely low powered ultrasonic allows for depth measurements up to 10m with a accuracy resolution of 1mm.

Not only does it meet these high requirements but the ultrasonic depth sensor is offered at one of the lowest cost ultrasonic on the market. Blue Siren are able to achieve this by using the latest technology in micro processing technology proving both a lower cost and lower power draw whilst exceeding the market standard for ultrasonic.

With Blue Siren you can be assured of the highest level of quality available at a realistic price.

a few of the features that set Blue Siren apart

  • High resolution weather-resistant Ultrasonic range finder complete with 25 ft cable.
  • Very low power and can accept between 2.7 and 5.5 volts.
  • Best resolution in its class of 1mm when using the serial output option.
  • Dual outputs include TTL, RS232 and Analog Voltage.
  • Optional pulse width output also available.
  • Average current consumption at 3.3V is 2.5mA.
  • The sensor is fully encapsulated and supplied with industrial cable.
  • This sensor is very flexible. You can easily program it using the serial interface.
  • Serial Data is output every second in mm.