ems-050 data logger

The EMS-050D Data Logger is a fully sealed multi channel logger, which is internally powered via a lithium battery and or via an analogue sensor channel.  The logger is supplied in a powder coated aluminium die cast enclosure and rated to IP68 protection (including connectors). The logger will work submerged to a depth of 30 meters. The EMS-050D Data Logger is capable of logging multiple channel Analogue Input states, Quadrature Shaft Encoder Input state and single channel Digital Input states such as Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge event.

The EMS-050D Data Logger is designed as a stand alone device or for the incorporation into a Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge (TBRG). Standard mounting brackets are provided to meet most manufacturers specification. The Environmental Data Services EMS-2001 software provides statistical information such as trends and text of analogue input channels, the shaft encoder input channel. In addition, the EMS-2001 software provides a unique feature which allows the end-user to formulate derived channels from both analogue channels and the quadrature encoder channel.

The EMS-2001 software incorporates the facility to provide a hyetograph and text functions of logged Rain Events. The incorporation of this data can be interfaced and downloaded to other Environmental Data Services series of equipment.

The EMS-050D Data logger is supplied with software EMS-2001 for Windows XP or better operating system, RS232 serial communications cable, Digital/Analogue sensor cable, mounting brackets to suit manufacturer TBRG (TBRG Manufacturer to be specified) and Operational Handbook.