3 in 1

Flow Pressure GPS

For the firs titme to the Australian market there is availble a 3 in 1 long term closed channel flow meter. These accuracy and stanolne delpoyment periods surpase any competitiro or tehcnology including electromagenitc (Mag Flow Meters).

Key Benifits:

  1. Dynaflox built-in GPRS ultrasonic water meters can be used in non-submergence, GPRS signal free environment.

  2. The 3in1 unit with cable length upto 1km, they suit the harshest environments compared to any other manufactuerer such as under water, drain well, non GPRS environements.

  3. Pressure transducer desgined as standard into the unit to ensure a complete 3-in-1 multifunction ultrasonic water meter.