Origianly released In 2015, Dynaflox successfull range of ultraD series water meters. The UltraF has a turn down ratio up to 500, no straight pipe requirement in installation, low pressure loss, a new revolutionary ultrasonic water meter.

UltraD ultrasonic water meter has been put into mass production. Our products meet world standards of quality and performance, including ISO, SGS, and CQM standards.


  1. Superior hydraulic design, no moving parts, zero wear, eliminate maintenance

  2. Advanced ultrasonic technology for precise and ultra reliable metering

  3. No pressure loss

  4. Excellent long-term stability and reliability

  5. Extremely sensitive and accurate in low flow

  6. Battery powered - above 10 years lifetime

  7. Body materials - choices of epoxy coated cast iron / carbon steel / stainless steel suitable for utilities, waterworks, commercial, industrial, agricultural as well as ultrapure water, sea water and other corrosive fluid metering application

  8. Fully submersible design (IP68)