The Dynaflox Doppler Ultrasonic flow meter is designed to measure volumetric flow of liquid within closed conduit, and is more suited to a certain amount of air bubbles or suspended solids in liquid.The suspended particles must reflect ultrasonic energy.


  • It is suitable for pipe sizes ranging from 40 to 4000mm

  • Availble in ATEX or IECEX Certification

  • For dirty liquids, a certain amount of air bubbles or suspended solids shall be contained

  • Excellent low flow rate measurement ability, low to 0.05m/s

  • A wide range of flow measurement, high flow rate can reach 12m/s

  • High-temperature transducer is suitable to liquids of -40鈩?~ 250鈩?/li>

  • Do not need to shut down the pipe flow when installing the transducers

  • 4-20mA, Relay Totalizer and Relay Alarm outputs

  • Accuracy: 2.0% Calibrated span

Intrinsically Safe Versions

Intrinsically Safe Versions

The Dynaflox flow meter operates by transmitting ultrasonic waves into the flow stream and measuring the frequency shift of the reflected wave. The meter’s clamp-on design allows quick and low-cost installation, and eliminates worries of fluid compatibility and pressure head loss.

With no moving parts, there is no mechanical wear, so repair kits or replacement parts are not needed.

Standard Flow Meter

Standard Flow Meter