ultra D residential water meter

Dynaflox’s Ultra D meters are installed worldwide as the standard for residentail and inustrial flow meter. Daynflox manufactures and supply to world lead water authroties over 420,000 water meters per year. Dynaflox supports water and wastewater treatment systems in residential, irrigation and water managements.

Our customers include industry and municipalities, resellers, distributors as well as solution providers in flow control and measurements from around the world.

A solid and rugged standalone water meter, delivering relaible long term operation.

Ultra D Standard Benifits:

  • Ultrasonic transit-time measuring principle for precise metering

  • Small size direct reflection technology, no moving parts and exposed parts

  • Excellent long-term stability and reliability

  • Battery powered - above 10 years lifetime

  • Superior hydraulic design, U0/D0, no installation requirement of straight pipe

  • Extremely sensitive and accurate in low flows

  • Fully submersible design (IP68)

  • Wireless data transmission and GPRS remote meter reading