wall mounted sampler

Available for the First Time in australia


"the new player is in town"

Compact sampler with BASIC control unit and hose pump technology. With integrated battery suitable for mobile as well as stationary use.

The sampler can be mounted directly on a wall by means of fastening lugs. Suitable for the sampling of time, event, quantity and flow in a collecting drum. 



Technical specifications

Operating Voltage:                           230V AC ± 10% 50Hz'

Input Max:                                        32,5VA current consumptionMax. 2.5A

Protection:                                       IP 55

Control Inputs:                                3 (optional)

Control Outputs:                             2 (optional available

Sensor Ports.                                  4-20mA

Event Input:                                    Control by potential-free NO contact

Pulse Input:                                    Control by potential-free NO contact